Our Vision - Adopting Advances in Research to Improve Animal Welfare and Enable Optimised Breeding

Our Vision is to Develop Standard Platforms for Animal DNA Testing

Whilst always looking to quickly adopt the latest gene tests published by different research teams, we acknowledge that the latest sequencing technologies finally enable the shift from the analysis of targeted genetic regions to the interpretation of the entire genomes of individual animals – providing both the pet owners and professional breeders with the most comprehensive information about the inherited disorders and conformation as well as genetic diversity. Our goal is to expand our services and develop comprehensive testing concepts to become the leading DNA diagnostics company for all companion animals.

Sustainable Breeding and Animal Care

While over 400 breeds of dogs have been created, breeding practices have also lead to the proliferation of over 500 inherited disorders - some breed-specific and very frequent within the breed, others common across all breeds or a group of related breeds.

We advocate sustainable breeding that takes into consideration both the overall genetic diversity of the breed, and relevant inherited disorders. Targeted DNA tests differentiate genetically normal, carrier, and affected dogs from each other and help breeders make optimal immediate breeding plans to reduce the manifestation of inherited diseases. In the long run, genetic diversity management is needed to maintain the sustainability of the breed gene pool and prevent the enrichment of new inherited disorders.

DNA testing is an integral part of the breeding programs used by many kennel clubs and breed associations, but sustainable breeding always involves working based on a more comprehensive overall breeding goal. Healthy breeds are ensured by not only considering DNA-based information, but also all other relevant health information and dog characteristics.