Team of Animal DNA Diagnostics at Your Service

Scientific Team

Dr. Hannes Lohi, Chairman

Dr. Hannes Lohi, Chief Scientist

Award winning professor Lohi is operating as the chairman of Genoscoper Laboratories. He is currently heading canine genomics research team at the University of Helsinki and Folkhälsan Research Center. He has established an internationally recognized research program and has published numerous key discoveries in animal genomics.

Dr. Jonas Donner, Geneticist, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Jonas Donner, Geneticist, Head of R&D

Dr. Donner gained his doctorate in medical genetics at the University of Helsinki. He is heading research and development of the companion animal panel testing concept at Genoscoper Laboratories. Dr. Donner has research experience on studying the molecular background of complex polygenically inherited disorders, particularly inherited neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorders. On the other hand, his inspiration for examining pedigree dogs arises from the well-established Finnish tradition in human genomics research and study of the disease heritage of isolated populations. Dr. Donner is breeding Shetland Sheepdogs with his wife, and is thus actively involved in dog breeding also in practice.

Dr. Heidi Anderson, Geneticist, R&D Manager

Dr. Heidi Anderson, Geneticist, R&D Manager

Dr. Anderson did her PhD in genetics focusing on transcriptome and glycome profiling of human hematopoietic progenitor cells at the University of Helsinki and Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, where she worked as R&D Scientist in stem cell laboratory. She obtained her post-doctoral training at the Harvard Medical School in Boston and at University of Helsinki. Her field of expertise is in design and analysis of high throughput biological studies that combine several large scale screening technologies to learn how genes function and interact with one another in different animal species. She is passionate to learn more about our companion animals and provide new approaches to help with the disorder and health management. Dr. Anderson’s top hobby of interest is lure coursing with her Cirneco dell’Etna dog.

Claudia Ottka, DVM, R&D Specialist

Leena Honkanen, MSc, Biologist, R&D Specialist

Essi Pekkala, R&D Specialist

Elli Aska, BSc, R&D Assistant

Fredrik Möller, BSc, R&D Assistant

Päivi Ruotanen, BSc, R&D Assistant