DNA Diagnostics โ€“ Benefits for Animal Welfare and Breeding

Over the past several years, genetic research in dogs has been accelerated by annotation of the canine genome and the development of tools for genomic analysis. Advancements in modern DNA technologies have expedited the discovery of disease mutations, meaning a growing number of disease-related genes are described every year. These discoveries have made it possible for us to develop genetic tests available to dog owners and breeders.

Today, the focus of dog DNA testing has turned towards panel testing that enables combining several relevant genetic tests into one package. We have developed the first available panel testing concept for dogs - MyDogDNA - that provides an efficient tool for planning both sustainable breeding and overall pet care.

The information discovered through gene tests can be used in many ways:

  • to diagnose various diseases (for example, specific eye diseases)
  • to predict disease risk based on genotype
  • to identify carriers and non-carriers in a breed to enable smart breeding decisions and control the manifestation of genetic diseases
  • to keep healthy carriers in breeding programs and maintain genetic diversity within the breed

Modern DNA technology combined with powerful BioIT applications managing the obtained data enable advancing even further with utilizing DNA information as an important part of a transition towards predictive, preventive and more personalized care for dogs.